One-Stop Service for PDPA Advisory and Implementation

PDPA Core provide an advisory and implementing your business operation to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019) ("PDPA") by legal professional team together with well-suited technology.

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PDPA Implementation
Review flow of personal data, Prepare Gap Analysis, design an effective procedure and prepare legal documents by legal professional team see more

PDPA Advisory
Consult PDPA's matters privately with a legal professional about PDPA (Private Session) which will be covered all details of PDPA compliance guidelines for your business see more

PDPA Training & Seminars
Provide PDPA training/seminar to internal personnel of the organization to raise awareness including PDPA guidelines. We are ready to answer any questions you might have to see more

PDPA Compliance Audit
Review PDPA compliance of the organizations, conduct risk assessment, prepare Compliance Audit Report and provide recommendation by legal professional see more

Why PDPA Core?

Well-experienced legal profession
Our legal professional team are experienced in many industries, both domestically and internationally, covering from small to large enterprise. They also have an in-depth of PDPA and data security.

One-stop Service and Technology
We have varied PDPA services from legal documents preparation, tools, training and seminar, and software, which will not cause additional expenses.

The right choice for your business
We support our customers in choosing the right choice that suited with their needs, business purposes and budgets. We provided to you with a PDPA guideline suitable for your business and will not cause you unnecessary expenses.

Our Service

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