Harusha Ransibrahmanakul

Senior Advisor / AI & Data Structure

Specialize on :

  • Define Data and Utilize Process before Developing AI Model
  • Project Management and Data Report Pivot View
  • Deliver KPIs and Functional Adjustment
  • Work with Management, Marketing, Accounting, Developer, UX UI, Event and Operation Team to Archived KPIs
  • Run Data Model Testing and Deployed
  • Expert on Both Data Analysis and Marketing Execution with Technology
  • Sales Management and Plan
  • Develop AI Model for Business

Background :

I start my career as a media buyer and strategic planner for an index creative agency, responsible for the online department. I started to gain a passion for data-driven marketing ever since, later on, I switch my career path to innovation technology and start-up mentor since True incubator season 2, mainly focused on data collection and data modelling.