Feature Odoo V.16

What's interesting in the new version Odoo16?

Odoo Bots make their public debut (via Live Chat)!

- never tire of being cheerful
- work 24 hours a day 

- automate Helpdesk tickets
- get qualified leads
- route traffic
- help faster!

A/R payment automation!

✅ email reminders
✅ bank synch
✅ payment handling

#Odoo will
1️⃣ create the payment
2️⃣ check eligible payment discounts
3️⃣ write off the expense
4️⃣ pay down the invoice

A more engaging Job application form!

BONUS - no need to pay for the the Recruitment App!

After all, everyone deserves an easy way to hire people who can help reinvent organizations post COVID!

Faster onboarding!

Our Appointments App is a self-service 24/7 online booking system

- set working hours day by day
- customize time-slot intervals
- synch with your Calendar to avoid double booking


Sponsored by the #Odoo FUN, PLAY and EASE teams

Our developers worked hard on this!!

Very soon, all of you can be fully self-expressed while you work!

So go ahead, unleash the real you!

Sign App evolution!

- itsme®
- they sign before us, or vice-versa
- template management
- Green Savings report

- "my" requests
- refusing to sign
- multi-company
- user email signatures

Reduce warehouse scanning mistakes!

The Barcode App is smarter and knows:
- what you already scanned
- what you should scan next
- when you have to scan Lots/Serials
- what is optional and what is required

Look what we taught the Master Production Schedule!

1️⃣ Selecting
2️⃣ Specific Warehouses
3️⃣ Importing
4️⃣ BoM Smart Button linking

There's more, but you'll just have to see for yourself in a month!!

Ever wanted to automate sending CHATTER?

Now supported via:
- user defined buttons
- data events (create, update, delete)
- document events (create, update, delete, X time after create)

Richer HTML editing!

Knowledge App organizing and article link widgets will be VERY handy!

We also make it easier to work with columns, ratings and signatures!

The one many people miss is the Checklist! ☑

Feature Odoo V.16
Supattra Yordthern October 25, 2022
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