How big does a business have to be to use an ERP system?

ธุรกิจที่ต้องใช้ระบบ ERP

How big does a business have to be to use an ERP system?

    First of all, I have to explain to all readers that the ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which means a system for managing the overall picture of the organization. Whether it is planning, production, management, finance, etc. The ERP system will combine information from all parts of the business and save it in the main database, allowing the management or other departments to extract the information they need immediately. and enable organizations to work together effectively and reduce errors that may occur.

If asked how much the ERP system is necessary, Let me give you an example so readers can see more clearly. Imagine that today you own a jewelry manufacturing and exporting business. Of course, the industry is not just your company. but there are many direct and indirect competitors, then you want to plan the strategy for next year's operations. Try to picture it in your head simply that Today, if we are going to put any strategy in place, it depends. What do you need to know before strategizing? The answer may be sales in the past quarter. Production information about products that have been produced CRM with customers is effective.

How much or all the accounting information of the business From what I've read a while ago, these are just some of the details you think you need to know. But in fact, you will need to know the whole picture of the business to be able to plan the most appropriate strategy at that time. Accounting, Sales, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Marketing, Inventory, Purchase, etc. How long do you think it would take to collect all this information? The answer in your mind could be 3 days, 1 week, or 1 month if we took the fastest time to get that information today, which is 1 day. The question is, if competitors can find out all the information that you took a day to find in just 3 minutes today, will your business still be able to compete with them?

ERP systems do not just facilitate the work of your employees. In fact, this system can also give you more time than your competitors. Have more accurate decision-making information and procurement forecasting Selling based on the facts of what is happening within the business And it can make your planning and decision-making easier and faster.

If ERP systems are important today, how big does the organization have to be to be able to implement this system? The answer that Cybernetics Plus always tells customers is that they don't have to start everything at once. But you may try to focus on the necessary parts first, such as accounting or sales, and then develop in the next phase. And an example of why we often tell customers to see more pictures is that today, ERP systems are no longer a distant matter for business people. For example, a noodle shop that has adopted the ERP system method usually has a daily sales volume of 100 bowls per day. notice that customers A lot of customers come at any time of the year. From the observation, it was found that the most customers came from 11.45 a.m. onwards until 13 a.m. If today the shop wants to sell more than 100 bowls, what should the shop do? The answer in your mind might be more tables, more outlets, or expansion, but there are easier ways. and does not require a single baht investment. We only know customer information and can analyze it exactly. The method is that we just boil the noodles until they are about 30% cooked before waiting for the customers. when a customer enters the store The shop will be able to provide faster time-management services. That means it will take less time to do it. and can be scaled up to larger quantities. Support more customers without using any extra resources.

Have you seen that, even if it's a small business like a noodle shop? For a large business, the ERP system is considered another factor that can make the work process easier. and can increase revenue for the business.

Today, Cybernetics Plus is happy to discuss your organization's management services. And we are ready to grow alongside your business.

How big does a business have to be to use an ERP system?
Kamonkaeo Srinuan February 25, 2023
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ISO 27001 คืออะไร !?